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Welcome to Wiarton and District Chamber of Commerce


Nestled against the towering bluffs of the Niagara Escarpment, Wiarton is a thriving four seasons community. Founded in 1894, Wiarton is the largest community within the amalgamated municipality of The Town of South Bruce Peninsula. Its most famous resident, Wiarton Willie, fuels Wiarton’s international recognition, as part of the Wiarton Willie Festival, which can run as long as 5 days. Wiarton Willie hosts national and often international media for his Groundhog Day prediction.

While a primary destination for visitors and tourists in the summer months, there is always something to see or  do year round. A strong artistic community is evolving making Wiarton a destination for antique hunters, art collectors and people who are seeking the unique in a world based on mass production.

Reflecting the diversity of business beyond the traditional boundaries of Wiarton, the Chamber chose to reflect its varied membership in naming itself the Wiarton and District Chamber of Commerce.

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