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Pacific Inn

Pacific Inn

  Formerly known as the Pacific Inn, Lucille’s Inn and Lounge has been servicing the area for over one hundred years. 


Toronto Mail: Saturday, Feb. 11, 1893 - This elegant and commodious Hotel, situated on the Main Street, and constituting one of the most imposing structures of the Village, came into possession of its’ present popular proprietor and host, Mr. David Huether in October of last. At his hands it has undergone a complete over-haul inside and out. 


    The hotel affords accommodation for eighty guests, is lighted by electricity throughout, heated by hot air, furnished with hot and cold water, has excellent stabling attached, affords every facility by way of sample rooms for commercial men, makes prompt connection with all trains and boats, and, in brief, “fills the bill” in a manner that leaves absolutely nothing further to be desired. The illustration of the Pacific which appears in this issue speaks for itself, and the internal economy will be found to correspond in every respect...

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